Used cooking oil (UCO) and tallow are more commonly used raw materials in biodiesel production.

Argent Energy pioneered the use of tallow for commercial scale biodiesel production in 2005 and is fully approved under the Animal By­Products Regulations 2009 to accept and process Category 1 animal by­products (namely tallow). The pre­treatment process in place gives the ability to both filter and sterilise this type of material in line with the relevant legislation.

Argent Energy’s Pre­Treatment Plant processes over 150 tonnes per week of UCO collected from restaurants, takeaways and food manufacturers. The company accepts and processes UCO in a variety of different shapes and forms; from tins, barrels and bins to tankers. The pre­treatment process also allows Argent Energy to remove all contaminants (i.e. food wastes and water) to produce a clean oil ready for biodiesel production.