Argent Energy’s vision is to recycle and reuse waste fats, oils and greases; adding value and bringing these currently under-utilised materials further up the waste hierarchy.

Argent Energy’s strategy sits directly in line with both EU and UK policy and addresses sustainability and environmental targets, key to these Policies and Directives.

By using raw materials that are wastes or residues from other industries means that as well as delivering significant greenhouse gas savings over mineral diesel fuel, the resulting biodiesel is also highly sustainable. In fact it is the most sustainable of any of the current commercial biofuels.

Raw Materials

Argent Energy currently accepts and processes the following types of raw materials;

Challenging and degraded waste oils and fats are one of the best, under exploited sources of biodiesel feedstocks currently available. They prove advantageous as they do not threaten, or compete with the food/feed chain, are readily available to convert to biodiesel and there are no direct or indirect land use changes.

Argent Energy’s sophisticated plant in Motherwell pre­treats these types of raw materials to ensure that moisture, contaminants and other insoluble impurities are removed. After the cleaning and filtering stages the oils and fats move to a pre­esterification phase, then on to transesterification. After that, by­products; glycerine and fertiliser are drawn off. The resultant raw biodiesel is washed and then twice distilled to guarantee the highest quality biodiesel; compliant with European Standard EN14214.

Since 2007, Argent Energy has demonstrated the conversion of Category 1 tallow at industrial and commercial stage at their Motherwell site. The multi skilled team has also piloted the pre­ treatment phase necessary for converting more challenging and contaminated high FFA, waste oils and fats in to bio diesel.

Argent Energy has built and commissioned a new 75 000 tonne plant at Stanlow which is now operational. The production of biodiesel at this site will commence early 2017.Argent Energy has the only plants in the UK to use continuous distillation technology and it is this which ensures that the fuel produced is a homogenous, clear and very clean biodiesel.

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