Following on from Argent’s investment of £1.8 million in a pre-processing facility in Motherwell in 2009, the company has invested a further £75 million in an additional site at Stanlow which will effectively double output.

These plants facilitate the removal of impurities from raw materials ready for the chemical biodiesel production process.

The state of the art technology installed at the plant was developed by BDI-BioEnergy International – an Austrian Firm with collaborative links to the Universities of Graz in Austria, who are pioneers in this field. 

This environmentally friendly, ecologically sustainable process yields high-quality BioDiesel
that exceeds the most stringent quality standards worldwide, such as EN14214.

The sophisticated plants pretreat the feedstock to ensure that moisture, contaminants and other insoluble materials are removed before it progresses to the next stage of the bio diesel manufacturing process.