Biodiesel is a clean burning renewable fuel that can be synthesized from an array of different oil-based materials, which includes, used cooking oil (UCO) and tallow (animal fat), food wastes, FOG and sewer grease through a transesterification process.

This non toxic and biodegradable fuel can be blended with mineral diesel to create a biodiesel blend containing up to 7% biodiesel in accordance with EN590 that can be used in unmodified diesel engines. Argent Energy’s raw materials are currently used cooking oil, tallow and FOGs although the plant is capable of using a wide variety of feedstocks.

The Plant at Motherwell, in Scotland, is the only plant in the UK to utilise distillation technology, widely regarded as the only process capable of taking variable and low quality raw materials and converting them to bio diesel to achieve all aspects of the EN14214 Standard. This technology has been replicated at our new plant in Stanlow. Cheshire which will double our output!

Methanol, used in conjunction with an appropriate catalyst under controlled conditions allows oil-based material to be transesterified to a fatty acid methyl ester (FAME). Transesterification basically sees the substitution of methanol (a monohydric alcohol) for triglycerides. By-products of glycerine and fertiliser are drawn off and the FAME then undergoes a series of washing steps before finally being distilled to produce a high specification biodiesel.