Delivery & Supply

Argent Energy has a dedicated team of experienced professionals who manage our customers’ fuel stock levels and schedule replenishment deliveries as required – all compliant with site specific parameters set by our customers.

Our high quality bio blend fuel is delivered to our customers using Argent Energy’s dedicated fleet of tankers supplemented by some specialist fuel delivery companies.

We currently supply and deliver circa 200 million litres of High Bio Blend Diesel to over 100 depots throughout the UK, scheduling and delivering over 6,000 loads per annum.

Load sizes are variable up to 36,000 litres.


Argent Energy supplies road diesel to truck and bus fleet operators across the UK.

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Contact sales at or call 01698 863000 for a quote to supply.

As a producer of distilled biodiesel (made only from wastes) we supply Diesel blended with our own fuel to the British standard, BS 590. This permits a biodiesel content of up to 7%. We also blend and supply high bio­-blend diesel, for example a B25 that is a diesel with 25% biodiesel blended in. High bio-­blend diesel offers huge carbon savings for fleet operators.

The biodiesel produced is also sold in bulk (ship or truck) to national and international fuel suppliers for their own blending requirements. The biodiesel is certified under ISCC as sustainable.