14th July 2017

Royal Academy of Engineering - A report on 'Sustainability of Biofuels'

In an article by the BBC, a report by the Royal Academy of Engineering is summarised by advocating the use of wastes for biofuels (all Argent Energy's production is from wastes and residues).

The study aimed to better understand the carbon footprint of liquid biofuels and investigate current understanding of other sustainability issues involved in their production and use. Published on 14th July 2017, the report is clear:

"if the UK is to meet its climate change obligations, deep reductions in carbon emissions from transportation are essential"

The Royal Academy of Engineering study, Sustainability of liquid biofuels, was commissioned by the Department of Transport and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (now the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) to provide advice on the UK’s future strategy for the development of biofuels. The study can be downloaded here.