Argent’s TME and other waste-­based biodiesel (all distilled) is supplied to oil companies and fuel suppliers in the UK, EU and the USA.

Our sophisticated plant pre-treats the feedstock to ensure that moisture, contaminants and other insoluble materials are removed. Oils then move to a pre-esterification phase, then onto full transesterification. After that, our by-products of glycerine and fertiliser are drawn off. The resultant raw biodiesel is washed and then purified by distillation to ensure that the quality of the final product meets European and British Standards.

We truck to UK locations and ship to customers outside the UK from our facility near Ellesmere Port. The sustainability of Argent’s biodiesel is certified under ISCC EU and the EPA for the American market.

Our TME is compliant for supply into the Italian, French and Dutch markets. We are also compliant with, and verified for double­-counting requirements in the UK under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO).

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