Argent Energy supplies road diesel to truck and bus fleet operators across the UK.

As a producer of distilled biodiesel (made only from wastes) we supply it to fleet operators blended with normal diesel to the British quality standard BS 590. This permits a biodiesel content of up to 7%.

We also blend and supply high bio-blend diesel such as B20 (20% biodiesel/ 80% standard diesel) and B30. Both are covered by the British quality standard, BS 16709. High blends offer significant carbon savings from transport that can be very attractive to local authorities, customers of haulage operators and any business interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Around the UK, over 5,000 vehicles are run on high bio-blend diesel, all of them getting the environmental benefits as well as reduced particulate emissions, and increased lubricity. B100 (pure biodiesel) is also used by some fleets where these carbon savings are of paramount importance. Being manufactured only from wastes, the sustainability of our B100 is unquestionable.

Contract, tendered and spot deliveries are all handled by both the English and Scottish supply centres.

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